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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

How you've grown!

Now I have a phone with a working camera and the ability to move the pictures to my work PC I am able to take photos when I'm out covering maintenance contracts. These two in particular grabbed me.

The first one has featured in its own blog post before, as the purple pots resolutely refuse to appear anything other than blue in photos.

To the left is what one of these 3m Yuccas looked like when they were installed:

This is what they looked like last time I looked, after two years in situ:

The next one is a children's centre in Andover - this time two 4m high Ficuses.

This is when we installed them in about 2009:

And this (rather iffy) photo was taken this summer:

Just look how much bigger the 'lollipop' heads are!

Once again I have to sing my staff's praises - it's so nice to walk in to one of my contracts and see big (i.e. expensive!) specimens doing so well.